Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Play Ball!

A few months ago I discovered a new on-line magazine devoted to scrapbooking and card making called Create.  It's published via a web site called Issuu, where you can do your own publishing.  I was very happy to find it, as unfortunately, there's not much left in the paper publishing industry of scrapbook magazines. 

What I like about Create is all the ideas!  Lots and lots!!  Using one of their sketches, I was inspired to create this layout of our Great Dane, Bonny, using shots I took when she was a 4 month old puppy:
They invited readers to submit their creations and guess what?  They published mine!!  It's on page 208 of the April issue.  Way cool, huh?!  Why don't you try submitting your work?

Enjoy the day,

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